Reaction Explorer / Help / Walkthrough: Random Synthesis Problem
This walkthrough illustrates the most basic steps needed to setup and complete a random multi-step synthesis problem.

Click on each screenshot to advance to the next step.

Step 01: Navigate to the Synthesis Problem Setup Section Top
Click on the "Synthesis Explorer: Multi-Step Synthesis Design" link under Featured Sections.

Step 02: Set up a Random Problem Top
Fill in the contents of the problem setup box and click on "Generate Problem" to have the system prepare a synthesis problem for you.

Note that you should leave the "Synthesis Problem" selection as "(Generate Random Synthesis)" to work on a random problem.

Note the context-sensitive help box to the right of the setup box which (in the actual system) will describe whatever control you last pointed the cursor at.

Mouse over the screenshot to see an example of the filled out form. Click on the screen shot to continue on to a walkthrough of how to actually complete a synthesis problem after you have prepared one from this setup box.